Kitzia x AWB

Kitzia x AWB

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Where florals meet fine chocolate.

Made by hand in Mexico City, KITZIA is chocolate, reconsidered.

Using distinct flavors we create a surprising alchemy that is at once sensual and fresh. Our first collection of floral-infused chocolates is a visual and sensory collaboration with Ashley Woodson Bailey.

Ashley translates a flower’s natural beauty into artful photography, textiles and patterns, resulting in delicious, unexpected pairings for both the lightest and darkest parts of your imagination.

The graphic on our inaugural keepsake box is part of Ashley’s Frida collection, inspired by iconic works from Frida Kahlo.

Each 9-piece box features 3 of each flavor and comes in a black/grey, fuschia/rose, or coral/peach exterior.

01 / Violet + Dark Chocolate

Fragrant, romantic violets cloaked in voluptuous 75% cacao dark chocolate

02 / Rose + White Chocolate

Feminine, sensual roses enveloped in delicate cocoa butter, punctuated with rose peppercorns

03 / Geranium + Milk Chocolate

Bright geraniums flecked with sea salt, enrobed in milk chocolate and emboldened by herbaceous juniper berries